JULY 13TH - 18TH

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Please list any medications that need to be taken during camp. If N/A, please leave blank.
The following over-the-counter drugs will be stocked at camp: Benadryl (for allergic reactions), Maalox (for upset stomach), Tylenol, Advil, Neosporin (for skin irritations). Be sure to list any medications you DO NOT want your child to receive.
In some circumstances, we may be able to provide modified meals (vegetarian, etc.). In unusual or severe cases, you may need to send special food for your child. Please list dietary issues (vegetarian, gluten sensitive, Celiac disease, vegan, dairy intolerant, nuts, specific fruits, etc.) and whether they are severe or mild issues.
Should it be necessary for my child to receive medical attention, I hereby give permission for the person(s) leading or directing any activity to use their best judgement in obtaining medical attention/treatment for my son/daughter. I further
give permission to the medical staff to render medical attention or administer treatment as they deem appropriate and necessary. I also give permission for the person(s) leading or directing any activity to use their best judgement to
otherwise render any assistance (including first aid, CPR, Etc.) to my child in the event of injury or illness.
In addition to the regular activities, this year the camp is offering optional activities for an additional cost. This is completely optional, but a lot of fun!
The following activities may be offered at camp and carry inherent risks. Select any activities your child may NOT participate in. Not selecting an item indicates that you approve of your child's participation.

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